From Zero to Hero!!
Spending night after night in front of the telly
A couch potato with a bit of a belly
A drink in one hand and crisps in the other
Just to make sure that my stomach won’t suffer

Need to lose weight but what can I do?
Nowhere to go and nothing to do
Perhaps I’ll get fit, let’s wait and see
But for now I’ll just watch the sport on TV

Running looks fun but not very easy
Just thinking about it makes me feel queasy
Lap after lap as they go round the park
Sweaty and hot, **** that for a lark!

Is that for me? I don’t really know
Maybe I could just try, have a go
Might try a group to see what’s on offer
Must do it tonight or I’ll probably not bother

What does this say… and have fun
Is that something that can really be done?
Now that I’ve tried it I’m glad that I went
Feel fitter already, that’s good time well spent

One day soon maybe I’ll try a race
With a bit of luck I’ll keep up the pace
But hey, if I find that I’m right at the back
So what? At least I’m one of the pack!

This running is great
Wish I’d tried long ago
Purfleet Fun Runners
That’s the name of the show!